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The Housing Leaders Group of Greater Washington – a collection of more than a dozen public and private sector leaders concerned about housing affordability – has been meeting since 2014 to examine: 1) the nature of the affordable housing shortage in the Greater Washington region; 2) the relationship of housing affordability to economic growth; and 3) strategies to increase affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households in the region. The co-conveners are the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, Enterprise Community Partners, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, the Greater Washington Community Foundation, and Citi Community Development.

Key Efforts

  • Launched the 2019 Capital Region Housing Challenge to secure one billion dollars of new public and private capital commitments to housing affordability above current baseline levels.

  • Hosting the 2017-2018 Regional Impact Series - a cross-sector dialogue among public and private leaders and stakeholders, to build solutions to meet regional housing affordability demand through partnerships, public, and private actions.

  • Provided programming, speakers, and data to support HAND annual conferences in 2015, 2016, and 2017 on issues relevant across the DC Metropolitan area, especially regarding the current and future demand for greater housing affordability, political will, and action at the scale of need.

  • Supported the 2016-2017 Thought Leadership series on housing affordability sponsored by Leadership Greater Washington, in partnership with Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers.

  • Organized with Enterprise Community Partners a June 2016 working forum on Expanding/Leveraging Local Housing Trust Funds and Doing Development Beyond Local Capital Subsidy. Panels representing local financial institutions, government, developers and policy leaders identified ways to maximize local capital for housing affordability.

  • Produced a 2015 paper addressing the region’s affordable housing challenge and highlighting solutions - Call the Question: Will the Greater Washington Region Collaborate and Invest to Solve Its Affordable Housing Shortage?


  • Participating in the Roadmap for the Washington Region’s Future Economy, which seeks to make the Greater Washington region more economically competitive in the face of declining federal spending. The HLG leads an effort to explore a multi-sector, regional housing affordability compact.

  • Briefing local government officials on the housing affordability challenge and potential solutions, and weighing in on public policy decisions that hold promise to increase availability of affordable housing.

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